Hi, My name is Tyler. This is my first time posting on Micro.blog and I intend to do it once a week for awhile. Some of my hobbies are Soccer, Gaming/VR, Cooking, Reading, sports in general, Coding, Chat GPTing, Playing, Doing thing with my family, and Traveling. I have a dog named Lucky who is a white fluffy Burnedoodle, I have a sister named Mazie who is very energetic and is just about to go to college, a Dad Who is very into new tech and has had a blog for 19 Years, and lastly my Mom Who is the center of our and family and just recently started blogging again! I just started to learn how to code some Python and I have been playing around with Swift Playground. A few other things about me is that I have a specific dislike of Social Media and have none of those apps, I like all types of new technology, I own some Crypto currency and look into some of that. I hope to blog some more in the near future and my blog will be talking baou these things. Coding, New Technology, Myself and what I am doing, cons ofSocial Media. Pokemon, and Gaming (Specifically Nintendo).