While we were back in Switzerland, me Jamie, Mazie, and Tammy took a photo walk around the town of soglio. We all took a ton of pictures then picked our top ten. Here are my ten. Hope you enjoy!

I find it funny that my friend went to Japan a few years ago and went to school there. He just went back again and he is in the same math group as he was in 2019. So in the Japanese school system he has not progressed in math at all in the last 3 years and he’s doing 8/9th grade math here.

I am posting about snapchat (or at least I think I am). I’m posting because I feel like it is super weird. Poeple take weird photos of themselfs that are not good photos, they are blury, bad lighting, and half hearted. They do this so fast too like it is second nature. I just don’t understand why?

I started using Swift Playground about a month ago. It’s super a super fun and cool way to learn the basics of swift and has also helped me with some of my python. I would recommend for younger people who want to get a better understanding of code and learn how to code better. More info about it will post soon

Today we went to the Ferrari Museum. We went to the Modena museum first but weren’t able to look around because we had to get on a shuttle. We went to the other museum and looked around for a bit. We took a factory tour on a bus then took a shuttle back. looked at other museum for a bit. Cool place!

Hiking Days 1-2 Switzerland

So in the beginning of this trip my blog was disabled and I was inspired by Tammy to start blogging again so I got it set back up. On the third day of the trip was the day I had it set up and did a blog post About me and after did the Hiking day#3 blog post. Just yesterday I made a new blog post about Day 4,5,6 Hiking in Switzerland so now I want to complete the days.

So the first dinner that we had with the people was at Hotel Guardaval (a little bit earlier we had looked around the town and saw the other people that were on our trip. We had a nice 4 course meal (which I didn’t really like) and ended up going to bed late because dinner got done at like 9:30. The next morning we walked to a chairlift that took us up about a thousand feet then we started hiking. That day it was manly pretty views, a lot of sun, and a lot of hiking to start the trip (it was the day with the most miles) it was pretty flat with small amount of ascent and descent and was a nice start to the journey.

The next day we started at 9:00 we were hiking to a hut and then going back to Guarda. The day was one of the hardest in my opinion with 9.5 miles and a lot of ascent and a lot of descent. We were in a valley the entire time and it was cool to see the mountains on either side. Once we got there we had lunch (which Tammy ordered way too much of),We had rüsti and inside out grilled cheese. Jamie took a scooter down (Which is like a bike mixed with a scooter, it has no pedals but looks like a bike) and the rest of us walked. We had quite a nice walk down.

Once we got back to Guarda rested for awhile. After that Tammy and Mazie went around town to look and they ended up finding goats that tammy loved. We got those and went to dinner. And that summarizes those days.

P.S. The day earlier Jamie lost his wallet so that was a problem at the time.

Day 4,5,6 Hike Switzerland

I haven’t posted about the other days of hiking because I don’t feel like it as good to post about, but, I am going to post a summary of each day and what I thought of the hiking in retrospect.

Day #4 was the day hiked out of Pontresina. We started the day by hiking out of Pontresina, right after we started our hike rain started to come down heavily and we had to seek shelter under a pine tree, once we waited that out we continued the hike. We had a lot of up till lunch (Which me, Mazie and one of our guides just trucked it up the hill). At lunch we had are first European picnic (which consists of bread, cheese, chocolate) on a rock and the rest of our group had lunch at a hut next to the rock. After we went descended down to a town near Sils Maria. it started to rain again so we had to head to the bus to take us into the town. Jamie had stayed behind to Get his lost wallet, and had went around the lake to see Nietzsche rock had also gotten caught in the rain so we met up with him and took the bus in. (That night we had dinner and they offered a harder option to do. I considered but decided not to do it.)

The next day (day #5) we all set out on a day hike were we would go into the mountains and then come down and loop around the lake to go back to Sils Maria. we had a pretty normal hike in the morning, we ascended a lot in the morning and took a small break for a small snack. After we descended back down and about half our group broke off to go on a tram up to the top of a mountain in Sils Maria while we went around the lake and back. we had a picnic about half way around the lake on another rock and then made our way back.

We woke up on day #6 (our final day) and took a bus out of Sils Maria (Heavy rain was forecasted later that day so to make sure we missed it we had to make our hike a bit shorter.). We went to the valley floor on that bus and then started our hike. We started to ascend but then rain started to come in. We were lucky and were able to find shelter so we didn’t get wet. After that we continued the ascent with a drizzle of rain and then went into the forest. It was kinda boring for the first part it just seemed like you were going up but eventually it leveled out. There was a lot of fog for a bit as we continued but it cleared up pretty fast. Near the end of the hike was when you saw the good views. For a bit it was purely white because of the clouds which I thought was eerie but Tammy thought was cool. Finally we were able to see Soglio and we went into the town as a family. Now I am writing this blog post.

Overall I thought this trip was a cool experience. If you are able to do the hikes and have the resources it is very fun and cool to do. I will definitely remember this trip for awhile. The towns that you go to are cool and the people are very nice. Another thing that is kinda sad but nice is that you don’t have to know the other languages so if you know english you will get around fine. In some of the towns they had playgrounds which was fun, the guides are fun to hang out with too. The dinner every night is fun and lively and if you don’t have many people you get to know those people very well. I thought it was a very fun experience and would recommend it. Ryder Walker

I am posting about my favorite tech YouTuber, Mrwhosetheboss. I like him because he posts very regularly, is fun and energetic, reviews thing related to tech, buys all of the products he reviews, and most importantly I feel like he posts about what he truly thinks of the product. I would recommend.

Day #3 Hiking

Well, today was an adventurous day of hiking. We started in Guarda and took a bus down to the train station, then we took a train to Punt Muragl. Upon reaching Punt Muragl, we boarded a funicular that took us up approximately 1150 feet to the starting point of our hike. As we hiked, we saw the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland.

Our destination was a chairlift that would bring us down to Pontresina. Along the way, we decided to take a detour, adding about half an hour to our hike. Eventually, we reached the end of the “hike”, but we still had a descent that we had to do. We started to go down because there was a storm headed are way. We went down very fast because we knew that if lightning struck they would shut down the chairlift and we would have to hike down a big hill.

We made our way to the chairlift, right as we were in the general area, lightning struck. We feared we wouldn’t be able to make it, but fortunately, the chairlift was still in operation. We boarded the chairlift right as the storm was starting to get worse, we started descending. The chairlift was a terrifying and unpleasant ride.

So, first of all it started rain pretty hard as soon as we got on the chairlift which was unpleasant, then secondly the wind was very strong so it was super cold (I was chattering) and also the wind made it so they had to slow down the chairlift so that was all scary. Then on top of that when we were going down slow lightning started to strike more which got me worried.

Finally after what seemed to be a very long time (like 15 minutes, right after my hands and legs had gone numb) we finally got pilled off the chairlift and walked to Hotel Albris. It was a short walk and once we all got in we warmed up and had a nice rest of the evening.

Overall, the day proved to be quite enjoyable, except for the last chairlift part.. In total, we hiked approximately 7 miles and ascended aproxemanetly 1775 feet.

I am in switzerland currently on a trip. We are with Ryder Walker on a hiking trip which is beautiful. Just got back from a 10.5 mile hike, doing it for the whole week. After that we are going to Italy and eating a lot of food

About me

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