Well, today was an adventurous day of hiking. We started in Guarda and took a bus down to the train station, then we took a train to Punt Muragl. Upon reaching Punt Muragl, we boarded a funicular that took us up approximately 1150 feet to the starting point of our hike. As we hiked, we saw the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland.

Our destination was a chairlift that would bring us down to Pontresina. Along the way, we decided to take a detour, adding about half an hour to our hike. Eventually, we reached the end of the “hike”, but we still had a descent that we had to do. We started to go down because there was a storm headed are way. We went down very fast because we knew that if lightning struck they would shut down the chairlift and we would have to hike down a big hill.

We made our way to the chairlift, right as we were in the general area, lightning struck. We feared we wouldn’t be able to make it, but fortunately, the chairlift was still in operation. We boarded the chairlift right as the storm was starting to get worse, we started descending. The chairlift was a terrifying and unpleasant ride.

So, first of all it started rain pretty hard as soon as we got on the chairlift which was unpleasant, then secondly the wind was very strong so it was super cold (I was chattering) and also the wind made it so they had to slow down the chairlift so that was all scary. Then on top of that when we were going down slow lightning started to strike more which got me worried.

Finally after what seemed to be a very long time (like 15 minutes, right after my hands and legs had gone numb) we finally got pilled off the chairlift and walked to Hotel Albris. It was a short walk and once we all got in we warmed up and had a nice rest of the evening.

Overall, the day proved to be quite enjoyable, except for the last chairlift part.. In total, we hiked approximately 7 miles and ascended aproxemanetly 1775 feet.