In this blog post I will be detailing the parts I will be putting in my new tower and why I chose these parts.

My tower will mainly be used for gaming. It should be able to any game in 1080p in ultra setting easily and can play and game in 1440p very well(According to ChatGPT). It will be mainly white in a dual chambered fish tank case. Here is the Parts list

CPU - I am using the AMD Ryzen 5 7600X as my CPU for a couple of reason. It is one of the cheapest 5th gen CPU’s and since i’m trying to save some money this is nice. Second, since it is 5th gen I will be able to upgrade to Ryzens 8000 series of chips which will be 5th gen. Lastly, it works well with my GPU so there will be no bottlenecking (Bottlenecks?)

CPU Cooler - I chose the Vetroo v5 because it is sufficient to cool my CPU and I chose the white to match it to the rest of the build. I would have used the Deepcool AK620 but it is to big to fit in my case (Quick not just found out thagt deepcool is sanctioned form the U.S.) and i don’t think my case is big enough to fit an AOI cooler otherwise I would have either of those. But until I upgrade this will be good enough.

Motherboard - I chose the Gigabyte A620M S2H Micro ATX AM5 Motherboard for a lot of reasons. So first it has an AM5 socket so my CPU will work. It has 4 DDR5 slots which I need since I am using DDR5 memory. It has built in wifi which is a nice feature, has good performance, and has two RGB plug-in’s which i will need. The only downside is the motherboard cannot overclock but I personally don’t think I will need or want especially now.

Memory - I chose the Delta RGB DDR5 Desktop Memory White. I needed DDR5 memory and had picked out a much cheaper 4200MHZ memory card and was going to get that but then I was advised to get at least a 5200MHZ memory card and I saw this one which was white to go along with the build and it had RGB’s so I decided to splurge and get this. It has 32GB and runs at 6000MHZ and CL30 so it is a god card and will last me a long time.

Storage - I chose the Leven JPS800 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 x4 NVME. I just needed M.2 storage for my tower and this looked like a good one that was on the cheaper side it also had very good read /write speeds for the price but that’s all there was to it.

GPU - I chose the ASRock Steel Legend OC Radeon RX 7800 XT 16 GB. I decided on it for a couple of reasons, one I watched multiple Youtube videos that recommended it, it goes well with my CPU, good specs and seems good for gaming, ChatGPT agreed with all of this and there is no bottlenecking between my CPU and it. I also liked that it came in white and it fit perfectly into my budget while still being exactly what I want. It is a three fan design as well which I like the look of. It can go up to 2520MHz and expected to run at 2213MHz and has 16GB GDDR6 of memory. All of this convinced me to not go for a RTX 4070 Super(which had 4 less GB), Gigabyte 4070 Windforce, or MSI 4070 ventus x2. The main reason I wanted to get these though were for nvidia’a features but I think the ASRock Steel Legend was a better choice.

Case - (can’t buy case directly form SAMA for some reason) I chose the Sama AR01-RGB-W Tempered Glass Micro -ATX Tower Gaming Computer Case w/ 4 x ARGB LED Fans. I got this case because my motherboard is micro-ATX so I needed a micro-ATX case. I wanted a very aesthetic tower so i have to get a fish tank case and to make things easier for myself i got a dual compartment case. The case has 4 fans so hopefully that will be enough cooling for the build.

Power Supply - I chose to get the Apevia Prestige 800w as my power supply. I chose it so I would have a ton of extra power so I can upgrade very easily and not have to have any power concerns. It is a good high quality power supply but the big downside is that it is non-modular so I’m stuck with big black cables but… I am going to get ABN01 Cable Extensions to tie the aesthetics together and so you won’t see big ugle black cords.

Monitor For my monitor I got the Samsung Odyssey G50A 32.0" 2560 x 1440 165 Hz Monitor. It will do my tower justice and with 165 hertz should be good for the time being. I did want a bigger monitor so I decided to go on the big end of practical monitors. Good price just about as much as I want to pay.

Operating software I chose Windows 11 pro as my operating software. Microsoft is best for gaming right now and is just there newest version so why not get it so it will last longer.

Those are all my parts. It is my first time building a tower so if you have any feedback I would love to here it. -Thank you!

Part of the Summer Challenge Collection