So in the beginning of this trip my blog was disabled and I was inspired by Tammy to start blogging again so I got it set back up. On the third day of the trip was the day I had it set up and did a blog post About me and after did the Hiking day#3 blog post. Just yesterday I made a new blog post about Day 4,5,6 Hiking in Switzerland so now I want to complete the days.

So the first dinner that we had with the people was at Hotel Guardaval (a little bit earlier we had looked around the town and saw the other people that were on our trip. We had a nice 4 course meal (which I didn’t really like) and ended up going to bed late because dinner got done at like 9:30. The next morning we walked to a chairlift that took us up about a thousand feet then we started hiking. That day it was manly pretty views, a lot of sun, and a lot of hiking to start the trip (it was the day with the most miles) it was pretty flat with small amount of ascent and descent and was a nice start to the journey.

The next day we started at 9:00 we were hiking to a hut and then going back to Guarda. The day was one of the hardest in my opinion with 9.5 miles and a lot of ascent and a lot of descent. We were in a valley the entire time and it was cool to see the mountains on either side. Once we got there we had lunch (which Tammy ordered way too much of),We had rüsti and inside out grilled cheese. Jamie took a scooter down (Which is like a bike mixed with a scooter, it has no pedals but looks like a bike) and the rest of us walked. We had quite a nice walk down.

Once we got back to Guarda rested for awhile. After that Tammy and Mazie went around town to look and they ended up finding goats that tammy loved. We got those and went to dinner. And that summarizes those days.

P.S. The day earlier Jamie lost his wallet so that was a problem at the time.